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Looking to achieve soft silky skin?  Or do you have sensitive skin that reacts to traditional forms of hair removal?  At Vibe beauty clinic we understand how to look after your skin. 

We use Australian Bodycare in our waxing treatments as it contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural essential oil extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree in Australia. A complementing ingredient to the wax we use, it is well known for its natural antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.  

At Vibe beauty clinic we offer both the Hy-Wax System (strip wax) and Sine (hot wax).  Further information can be found on these treatments below, however if you would like a consultation then our therapists can provide further information on the most suitable treatment. 

The method to suit you

Hy-Wax System – strip wax

Australian Bodycare's Hy-Wax system uses a unique heater system that provides each client with their own dispenser, allowing for a more hygienic wax treatment.  Further, the dispenser allows the wax to be spread thinly and easily reducing the time taken for the treatment and the need to reapply, and therefore reducing sensitive skin.  

Sine – hot wax

The wax of choice for more intimate treatments.  The wax is flexible, allowing hair to be removed quickly and effectively with ease.  There is no need for strips, therefore it is particularly effective on short, coarse hair that can be tricky to remove when using more traditional methods.  Also available is Sine wax sensitive for those of you with a delicate skin – this wax is also ideal for facial waxing 

Hints and tips

To ensure you receive the most effective clean wax, please discuss your daily maintenance regime with your therapist.  

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